Jen's New Pet Pooch

  1. :P :nuts: :yes:
    jennifer-aniston-dog-01.jpg jennifer-aniston-dog-04.jpg jennifer-aniston-dog-06.jpg jennifer-aniston-dog-09.jpg jennifer-aniston-dog-10.jpg
  2. She gets on my nerves...
  3. cute lil pup.
  4. The dog is cute - but it's not going to replace Brad either....
  5. Aww its gorgeous!
  6. why are you guys even marginally fascinated by this? its a girl and her dog!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. well, it's a cute girl with her cute f**ing dog! no questions need to ask.
  8. how cute, i love dogs especially the pups.
  9. True!
  10. cute dog!
  11. not to mention these pictures were all taken with a ridiculously long range telephoto lens! do you realize this photographer was AT LEAST a mile away?

  12. Her new pup is cute!
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