Jens collection of Coach & DB

  1. :heart::yes:
  2. Beautiful many pretty colors!
  3. Picture #2....
  4. Picture #3...
  5. Picture #4...
  6. And my avacado Alto:
  7. Thanks! I went through a very pink/fushia stage LOL. The pink Nile DB, pink sig DB, and black Coach sig coin wristlet are my everyday bags. The rest have never seen the light of day. lol - Except the one day I took the avacado Alto out and got a spot on it :crybaby:. I put it up and haven't taken it out since.
  8. Individual pics:
    kaylas2.jpg mynile.jpg bigcoachfront.jpg clot11.jpg clot8.jpg
  9. More individual pics...
    cscarf2.jpg c12.jpg coachck2.jpg db1.jpg db2_front.jpg
  10. And more... lol
    db4_front.jpg dbpinksig_front.jpg dbtx2.jpg dbtxb.jpg dbcircle3.jpg
  11. the actual pic of my new D&B PC261 domed satchel (uploaded the wrong one bf)
  12. Partial List: [FYI - orig. Msrp included on the ones I know for sure]

    Dooney mini barrel bag
    Dooney Pink Nile barrel bag NI20 $285 (my fav!!!!!!)
    Dooney PC261 BL Domed Tassel Satchel $175
    Dooney avacado Alto MBA3 $445
    Dooney big gold "circle" keychain fob MCCG
    Dooney Texas denim tassel tote TX45 $145
    Dooney Texas denim wristlet QS20 $45

    Coach Hampton tote 10748
    Coach large berry suede flap satchel 9674 $328
    Coach medium blue suede flap satchel 6726
    Coach blue hampton weekend tote 10663
    Coach soho black mini sig wallet/checkbook 40584
    Coach multi-color straw tote 10478
    Coach khaki mini sig camera bag 6341
    Coach black mini sig crusher
    Coach sig pool blue hampton hat 2740
    Coach fushia sig scarf 100% cashmere $168
  13. Nice!
  14. Love the pink coach scarf.
  15. Gorgeous collection, thanks for sharing!