Jenova is right!

  1. In the pp about "finally doing it" she said we are collectors, so basically get over it. Anyway she is right, I know I am.

    Soooo just out of curiosity what else do you all collect besides Chloe bags (handbags in general)?

    ME? Antiques (primitive Americana)...

  2. Oh my goodness - someone agrees with me! What a shock!! I am reputedly mad!!!

    At the moment I mainly collect:
    • Chloe, Mulberry and Balenciaga bags
    • Cacti and succulents
    • Bedouin and Indian jewellery
    • Boulder opal jewellery
    • and probably lots of other things too!
    I have been through a lot of other collecting crazes too. It runs in my family. Past excesses included:
    • Old postcards
    • Lace bobbins
    • Historic plastic
    • Vampire comics
    • Lustre china
    • Jet mourning jewellery.
    I have a small collection of cats too.

    Is that sufficient to admit to for now?
  3. Cats for me too!

    bucket benches
    baskets (tons of great ones)
    bread boards

    Gulp..That doesn't include shoes (esp Chloe Boots), tables, rings and earrings. All I know when is when I'm on it, I'm on it.
  4. I have a sizeable vintage costume jewelry collection; have been collecting since I was 16. Hoping to start a business with it this fall... Also fountain pens, Canadian silver (Petersen), and weird British China...

    Not terribly loyal to any bag maker... I buy what I like and wish I could afford to buy more!
  5. i love being on a forum of enablers...

    i collect bags, but my phases run like serially monogamous relationships: it was kooba, then marc jacobs, then chloe, then i don't know what's next. i've been eyeing balenciaga :smile:

    i also love fountain pens and antique books (first prints, etc.)
  6. jeans
  7. I've always been collector, I started with my little ponys and hello kitty stuff when I was a kid!:nuts:
    Lately I've been collecting just chloe bags, jeans (especially superfine jeans), shoes and boots and cute 60s-70s vintage dresses.
  8. Hmmmmm.....this could be embarassing as you guys all have such sophisticated collections! When I was little it was rubbers, smurfs and teddy bears. Now it's Dean Koontz books in hardback, Jim Brandenburg framed Wolf photos, and hopefully smurfs again soon - they go for a LOT now for a piece of plastic!! And, now handbags of course....... :shame::shame: Unfortunately, my cat would disown me if I tried to "collect" more.....he'd take it very personally.
  9. Nike runners (must have 50 pairs of them)
    Doc Martens (13 pairs)
    China (10 different pattersn)
    Dollhouses (owned 14 of them at one time)
    Books (37 bookcases and counting)
    Hermes Scarves, bracelets, china (okay, anything from Hermes)
    Love love love my Chloe Ediths
  10. You guys are cracking me up. No recession on the Purse Forum!!!!!!!!!

    Okay what was your FIRST collection? Mine was plastic horses (of course); I believe I started around age 5.
  11. I liked little china horses from China. I used to break their legs by mistake. Just cleared out my old family home and found lots of the horses ...... but not all of their legs!
  12. I believe my first collection was my Barbie Collection. That, and I had many many paper dolls with their paper wardrobe.
  13. I started with Steiff toys as a child. I was very interested in fashion then, too, but I didn't collect it, as such (just bought it and wore it!).

    Now I collect:

    Chloe items (mainly bags, small leathergoods and costume jewellery, but also other accessories, footwear and clothing)
    Other designer bags (mainly clutches) and costume jewellery
    Vintage fine and costume jewellery (both signed and unsigned)

    I also have a budding collection of LFA Ugg Boots (four pairs, so far!)! :biggrin:
  14. Great thread Suze. As you know I collect

    1)Books. Lots and lots of them
    2)Shoes. I am a shoe designer after all.
    3)Dog figurines. Mostly Staffordshire.
    5)Shelter magazines. Gotta learn to pitch those....
    6)Last but not at all least - CHLOES!!!