Jenny Yuen

  1. Good morning girls!

    I need your help. I'm very interested in the Gatsby bag & the Hitchcock...but have never seen the bags IRL. Do any of you gals own a Hitchcock or Gatsby? I don't see any threads about these bags..I know Jenny Yuen is a new designer..but I'm hoping someone here has some info. Is the leather soft? whould you recommend the bags?

  2. I too am super interested in the Gatsy and the Hitchcock - I'm hopring some fabulous new colors will be coming out soon! The leather on my bronze Sherlock is very nice - it is a very structured bag (like the other two) so the leather doesn't seem exactly super smooshy but it is nice and soft and smells divine! I think I saw a review of the Gatsby by grechenscloset - maybe you can search for that to get some more info? Hope that helps!
  3. Thank you coachgirl & Belleoftheball:flowers:

    I'm definately going to get a Hitchcock in orange! Maybe even the aqua color!

  4. Ooooh, I do love those colors! I too am considering the aqua. Post pics when/if you get them!!
  5. Be sure to post pics if you decide to buy! I've been eyeing Jenny Yuen's work for a year, now. :tender: