Jenny Yuen: Where to purchase?


Nov 26, 2006
Hello! I am new to the world of designer handbags, but I just purchased a Jenny Yuen Sherlock and love it!

My question is: Where can I purchase more Jenny Yuen stuff? Her site ( doesn't seem to have any of the newer designs. I know of a few sites that sell JY handbags (,, etc.), but I haven't seen the Spring/Summer collection anywhere. Where is the JY brand being sold?

Thanks! :smile:


Jan 18, 2009
Welcome! Glad to hear you're enjoying your JY Sherlock. I have a few of her bags too, and I love them!

There used to be a list of stores available on her website, but it seems like they've removed it now. There are a few sites that still sell her stuff (Luna Boston is another one that still has one of her bags, on sale), but you're right, the Spring/Summer collection still isn't available anywhere yet. I've still been keeping an eye out, though, will post here if I ever find anything!

Hmm, another thought, perhaps you could try emailing them via the contact form on their site to see if they have any info? HTH!