Jenny Yuen - Sample Sale

  1. [​IMG]
    Save up to 30% -75% off retail prices!
  2. Missed out on the last one but heard it was fab. I'll try to make it to this one!
  3. Have an email in to see if they take phone orders (am under awful work deadlines this week) but if anyone else finds out, would you post?
  4. would also like to know if they take phone orders, i'm liking that clutch! tia!
  5. anyone whos gone before how were the prices? i shouldnt go but if the deals rock i may have to :smile:
  6. Last year Cleos were $95, Pandoras a steal at $60, $195 for the Gatsby and $295 for Sherlock (or I might have those backwards).
  7. It was $195 for the Sherlock, and $295 for the Gatsby. But at that time, the prices were also cheaper. The Sherlock I got was originally ~$440, now I think it's almost $600.
  8. so i emailed them and they said they do do phone orders on the day of the sale!
  9. NEW YORK!! again :hysteric:

    Totally unfair! for those (esp. me) who live really far from NY.
  10. I love her bags! Did they give you a phone number to use for the sale? It starts on my birthday - can't be a coincidence!
  11. oooh =D

    i loved what i got last time. wonder what is available this time around.
  12. Thanks for the info., I've recently become a fan of JY bags. I'm very happy with my collection (Gatsby, Murphy, and Cleo) but would be very tempted to pick up another style if the prices are good.
  13. What ar eher bags like - quality wise. Who would you compare to? Marc Jacobs, Coach, Burberry?
  14. YAY, they will take phone orders! Really excited for this! Did they give you a number? The one I pulled off of their website for sales is 212-989-5131, so I don't know if that's correct.
  15. YAY! Glad that they do phone orders:yahoo:. I am dying for a gatsby or sherlock. Does anyone have either of the bags to post comparisons of them?