Jenny Yuen Sample Sale ~ Up to 75% off!

  1. I don't know how public this is yet...
    My friend is working at Jenny Yuen as an accountant and she forwarded this to me.
    No word yet on if they will be doing internet/phone sales, but I'll keep you guys posted!

    You can see her bags at hope the picture I uploaded works!
  2. When I was living in NYC, I had no money to buy anything. And now I'm working, no longer in NYC, ehhh! I love Jenny's Gatsby, wish it was available on the site.
  3. I hope they have it online, too. I'm out in LA, but I would kill for one of those clutches.
  4. Love her stuff, sooo wishing I lived in NYC right now!
  5. Those are really prett bags. I've not heard of her before, but a girl can always use another purse.
  6. Thanks for posting -- I love the clutches!
  7. they're taking phone orders! ask for georgia when you call. 212-989-5131
  8. I just called and talked to Georgia. I only asked about the Sherlock, since I was interested in that one. Sample sale price is $195, and the available colors are almond, black, pale pink and chocolate (chocolate has pink stitching). I really wanted the Sherlock in metallic rose, but she said that wouldn't be available until late October, early November, retail at $595.
  9. i just got the gatsby in almond!! i think i leaked the info a little soon b/c they didn't seem really prepared. anyways, i talked to helen and she said she's handling client sales...i guess georgia also does boutique/wholesale orders??
  10. I ordered a pale pink Sherlock from Georgia. She told me the Gatsby is at $295, available in black, chocolate w/ pink stitching, and pale pink. You must have gotten the last almond :smile:
  11. Thanks for posting! I just ordered a Sherlock last week and already want a clutch.
  12. wow, her biography is quite impressive. but her bags!!!! they are the yummiest looking pieces! i adore those clutches!!!! hehee
  13. A co-worker and I both ordered the Murphy in Black for $225 each and the Cleo clutch in Gray Elephants for $95 each.

    Georgia was a doll to deal with.
  14. thanks for posting.