Jenny Yuen handbags

  1. Has anybody seen these in person? They look really nice!
  2. i've not seen them irl, but i love the clutch:
    so yummy!!
  3. Those are beautiful. Grechen, what is the colour of that clutch called? I see it as several colours - at different times. A shade of pink? Salmon? What? Gotta have something in that colour. :smile:
  4. i don't know what the color is officially looks like a coral? you can buy some of her bags at - i really like them.
  5. Ooh another brand that I found out via the TPF - thanks for showing these to me!

    I love the Elephants prints! Unfortunately I don't like the styles that come in the Elephant prints as the other styles!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. The Sherlock and the Nancy are so pretty. And the Gatsby in Sapphire? Stunning!!!!
  7. OMG!! Those bags are AMAZING!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I got the Sherlock and my sister got the Gatsby at W hotels in New York on vacation over Christmas and we haven't stopped using them since! They have an online store now I think: I'm gonna get the clutch next or maybe Nancy? decisions decisions!!
  8. These bags are really cute! And depending on the quality, the prices are reasonable too!
  9. So cute! Is the leather soft? They look yummy!
  10. I'm completely obsessed with these bags. I found them on a trip to New York and bought the Gatsby, and my friend bought the Sherlock.
    I have used Gatsby literally everyday since I bought it. It's soft as a baby's ass (I once used it as a pillow while waiting for a delayed flight), and the saleslady told me the leather is imported Italian Calfskin. It's the perfect size, and it holds my laptop plus power cord plus more without looking bulky! I've taken this bag to interviews and straight to parties, and it works really well in both situations. Plus, they're totally classic, so you can carry them around forever and they'll still be in style!
    My friend is attached at the hip with her Sherlock. She brings that thing EVERYWHERE, and I swear every time i've been with her, people have complemented her on it.

    I heard thru the grapevine that she might be in Elle sometime in the near future, and her online shop is opening soon (today?) on (<-- btw how cute is that name?) with some discount since it's the grand opening.
  11. HAHA i didn't even realize that's what is spelled! Did you notice the logo too? It's really cute!
  12. For those of you who have this - how light are the bags? Are they very structured? That is the impression I get on the website.

    Can you put the Sherlock over your shoulder or is it strictly a handheld over the crook of your arm bag?

    Has anyone seen the Nancy? How did you like that?

    These bags look really cool like they will stand the test of time.

    Thanks a ton for your input.

  13. I like that phrase "stand the test of time."
    Yeah mine's totally durable, I've beaten it up a bunch and i feel like even though its getting dirty, people ask me if it's vintage all the time.

    It fits snuggly over my shoulder like right under my arm pit if i have to but i think it's so chic to carry it on the arm like lady's in the 50's did.

    Dunno about Nancy though? Anybody?
  14. the leather is pretty nice. the bags are also not that favorite is probably the clutch that JY makes.
  15. Here is my Jenny Yuen clutch in sapphire that I just got. I love it. It's just the right size for a clutch. I have a large wallet, phone, keys and even more stuff in the zippered pocket. The leather is so soft.[​IMG]