Jenny Yuen Gatsby or Rachel Nasvik Sadie


Which one do you prefer

  1. Jenny Yuen Gatsby

  2. Rachel Nasvik Sadie

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  1. Which one do you guys think is nicer? It's for my mom who's just over 60. She's retired and likes good organization in her bags.

    First one is the Jenny Yuen, second is the Rachel Nasvik.
    jennyyuen.jpg rachelnasvik.jpg
  2. I'm partial to Jenny just because I have one, and it's wonderful. I have the Sherlock (smaller version of the Gatsby), and it's got several little pockets for organization. I don't know anything about Rachel Nasvik, so no comments one way or the other. If you do a search, I'm sure you can find old threads on Rachel Nasvik bags.
  3. They are both lovely choices - I think it depends on her lifestyle, personally.
    If she is more casual, I would say the Jenny Yuen.
    More polished/professional? The Rachel Nasvik definitely.

    Good luck!
  4. I'd go with the Jenny Yuen. It's super cute!
  5. Bloomingdale's had a Rachel Nasvik bag that had clearly been sitting out on the floor awhile, it was really scratched up and the leather really showed it. So if your mom is going to worry about the finish being scratched on the Nasvik, I'd go with the Jenny Yuen. They're both beautiful.
  6. both are great! but i like how gatsby has all those exterior pockets. jenny yuen just had a sample sale and the gatsby was going for $295...maybe you can still call in and get it for a deal??
  7. Hey Janine,

    Personally I love the Jenny Yuen but I think the Sadie might be more age appropriate for your mom.

    Depends though - if she's a funky lady she might prefer the Gatsby! :graucho:
  8. how many pockets does the Nasvik bag have? both are nice hard to say... all the pockets on the Gatsby seem great for keeping organized though... you're call :smile: