Jenny Yuen Gatsby in and pics!!

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  1. [​IMG]

    This is NOT what this bag looks like's a little darker, more of a deep bluish purple color, and not shiny at all. it's hard to capture the real color, but here are some outfit pictures with better color representation (i had to take them without flash, so sorry they're dark lol)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    got the bag from delcina on monday, and love it to death. very high quality, the color is fabulous, and it's not heavy at all, easy to's a link to my full review:

    i love it so much!!!
  2. Wow! Congrats!! It's very cute and I love the color.
  3. very very cute!! :tup:
  4. I love the style and color, enjoy!
  5. i am soooo jealous. i've been drooling over that bag on forever! grechen - do you have any codes for us poor dears? i noticed that none were listed on your website other than the normal weekly deal of the week. i have a one time use 75$ off code for delcina, but was hoping for better than 10% off. your pics are really helpful - it looks much darker IRL than in the glare of the flash. i was worried about the apparent sheen but am relieved to hear it's matte.

    it looks fantastic. congrats!
  6. Funny, I just sent Gung a PM, as we have discussed this bag in the past. Do you think you can wear the bag over the shoulder with a winter coat on?

    I was searching for a black bag, but now I am considering a colorful bag.

    As someone else posted, do you have any discount codes to share with us, dear Grechen? Thank you so much for the review!!

  7. Hi all! Grechen15, for 15 percent off, I believe still works. I just used it a few days ago on the deal of the week Bulga bag!
  8. Thanks GUNG! What color do you have? Do you find it heavy? What about wearing it with a winter coat?

    Sorry for all the questions!!!!;)
  9. I LOVE your sapphire bag! I have the Gatsby in Chocolate and it is the best bag! Enjoy! BTW I tried it with my winter coat and it is comfortable.
  10. Kimmi, thanks! OK, do you think the leather scratches easily? Sorry for all these questions!
  11. ^^ Hi :smile: I have the chocolate which is a bit of a soft pebbled type leather, super soft and smooshy, but no scratches so far and I am a bit hard on it. My son spilled milk and a few dots got on the bag and I wiped them with a damp cloth (I don't think you are really supposed to do that to leather) and they don't show at all. The lining is the prettiest and it has great pockets all over. It is such a nice bag, my husband even commented that it was gorgeous, and he never likes anything. I could rave forever about it, sorry :shame:, but it is a bigger bag that holds EVERYTHING, but doesn't look ridiculous on me (5'4") and it isn't awfully heavy. Last rave, I was in a Coach store and the SA made me write down the name of the designer and bag because she loved it.
  12. you can definitely try that, but i don't think she'll allow it to work on the Jenny Yuen bags (i asked her about a code for them, but they're too new for her to offer a code on right now). luna boston has some of the cleo clutches, and you can use grechen for 20% off....
  13. omg, PLEASE consider the sapphire - it's absolutely gorgeous. i do love a nice black bag, but i really think this one looks better in a color. and you can wear it with everything - black, brown, gray...everything....

  14. Thanks Grechen- I tried ordering the bag earlier this evening but my order did not go through. I sent them an email and they said the bag is expected in a couple of weeks! Perhaps you received an early shipment, you lucky dog!!!!!!

    GUNG pointed me to this bag earlier during my search. My biggest turn off were the side pockets. I usually dislike bags with those side pockets. But everyone seems to love this bag and so I was tempted to at least check it out in person and see for myself.

    My current bags are all browns so I could use a bag with color!
  15. PS- I would be more than likely to purchase this bag with a discount code!!!!!!