**Jenny Yuen Gatsby Bag is Amazing!**

  1. I'm a total handbag connoisseur and can be a bit of a handbag snob, but lately I've been going for less "known" brands. I went from being a total Balenciaga whore to discovering Belen Echandia (though I still *adore* Bbags). :smile: Anyway, when the Jenny Yuen sample happened in December, I had to jump at the chance to try her bags. So I totally stalked Jenny Yuen and their people told me to call the showroom directly (they were probably tired of answering all my questions) to find out what bags they had.

    Anyway, long story short, I got two gorgeous gorgesous super duper buttery soft Gatsby bags. I was lucky enough to score the popular Almond and a rich deep dark Chocolate. I planned on selling one of them when I received them, but now I can't let either go... yet. haha. They are really well made, the leather is really soo soo buttery soft. Its not so soft that it will drop into a pool of butter, but it might get there after some use. I'm very happy and pleased....

    Here are some pics...

    side by side




    Closeup of the hardware and pale pink stitching on the chocolate one

    Base of the Gatsby (4 feet... gotta love the details)

    Back Pocket

    Front Pocket (there is an additional zip pocket in front of this one)

    Interior (One large zip pocket w/ 2 smaller cell pockets)
  2. Gorgeous bags, congrats!
  3. Love them both. Good score!!
  4. Yum! Congrats!
  5. Great bag. Where could I get one if I wanted to order one off the web?
  6. Beautiful bags! I agree, the Gatsby is an amazing style and love mine in almond.
  7. You can get them at www.delcina.com - they had a Sherlock in Bronze for 30% off as the deal of the week right now. That's quite amazing considering they never have had a Jenny Yuen featured as their deal of the week.
  8. Wow I always snuck a second look at these bags when you girls bought one but these pictures definitely support the notion that I NEED ONE. Gorgeous!
  9. Wow, very cute!
  10. Where can I get that Brown Gatsby Bag? VERY NICE!
  11. I got mine at the sample sale. Its perfect... no flaws that I can see whatsoever. :smile: call them, they might be able to help you out.
  12. a sample sale? whats the number? i don't even live in the area where stores are located :sad:
  13. I just tried calling them... she said the sample sale was over 3 weeks ago... don't know where i can find this bag since I don't even live in the states where they sell Jenny Yuen... :sad:
  14. You should see if they have any open stock available. If you REALLY want one... try Delcina.com, Jennywashere.com or lunaboston.com. :smile: I used the chocolate one today... Its such a great bag. Soft, slouchy, buttery.... I'm in love....
  15. sandy that choc gatsby is tdf!