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Jenny Yuen Chesnut Hitchcock long strap shortage


New Member
Dec 9, 2008
Hi everyone, I ordered a Chestnut Hitchcock last month, but they shipped it without the long strap because they were out and on order. The person who called and left me the message said the straps would be available to ship in a couple of weeks and asked if I wanted my bag shipped without the strap and have the strap shipped later. I agreed to this, but it has now been close to a month since my original order date and two emails to the shopkeeper address have gone unanswered. I am wondering ig anyone else is waiting for theis strap. This is my first post by the way and I love the forum! Suzy



Jan 18, 2009
I don't believe anyone else has mentioned receiving their bag without the strap... :confused1: This is very strange indeed. When did you last send an email to the shopkeeper address? Claudette was pretty prompt in responding to my emails during and after the sale (I also emailed her with a question on leather care after receiving my Grey Esme that arrived with some scratches/scuffs), usually taking no more than a couple of days at most, so it's a little weird that she hasn't responded to you yet.

I'd try emailing again, or calling their number that is listed on their site. If there was a different phone number listed on the invoice, I'd try calling that too. Hope you're able to get a response from them soon! As I mentioned, though, this is the first I've heard of someone receiving their bag without the strap. If there were only a handful of cases like yours, it's possible that it may have slipped their minds or something. Hope you can get this resolved soon!