Jenny Yuen - anxiously waiting for the Spring collection!

  1. I am a big fan of Jenny Yuen and have been waiting very patiently for the new Spring bags to come out. But I'm getting antsy! Does anyone have any idea of when the new line will be available? I have got to get my hands on a Hitchcock! Anyone else coveting a JY bag??
  2. I am also interested in these bags and any feedback from anyone who has one! I think the Gatsby bag looks really nice!
  3. belleoftheball, do share pictures of your JY bags! I love the Gatsby but am waiting for it to be available in other colours...
  4. My camera is out of commission. :tdown: But here is a pic from of the bag I have - Sherlock in Bronze:

    When I first got it I thought about selling it b/c it was smaller than I imagined - though I knew the dimensions (12.5 x 7) before I bought it, I am just so used to bigger bags that I thought it looked too small on me. But after much prancing around the house modeling, I got used to it and decided she was a keeper! The leather is so yummy and the color is gorgeous! I'm hoping to add another member to my JY fam soon!
  5. That's lovely! I love the shape of it!
  6. It's gorgeous! I would love it if JY came out with a model that's in between the Sherlock and Gatsby, size-wise.
  7. None of her past styles have grabbed me, but the new Hitchcock style looks awesome! Now I'm going to have to start stalking sites to check out colors and pricing.
  8. The hitchcock looks a lot like the murphy she had out last year or am I missing something? The white murphy on eBay looks very similar to the Hitchcock on lunaboston.
  9. I exchanged email with someone at JY awhile ago who said that the Hitchcock is the same as the Murphy but with a top zipper instead of a magnetic closure.

    I have a black Murphy tote and love it. It's very professional while still being chic and feminine.
  10. has anyone preordered anything from lunaboston yet? i really wanted an aqua hitchcock, but sara from LB says that they aren't making any - the only aqua bags will be the sherlock and the cleo! i'm so bummed! i wonder if i should wait until the next round of bags comes out for fall?
    this is the hitchcock:
    but i wanted it in this color - aqua:
  11. ^^ btw, those pics are from the JY website - (Jenny was here - get it? it took me forever to figure out what the name of her site meant, duh!)
  12. If money were no object or I sold some of my bags, I'd be all over this.

  13. I want a gatsby next. The sherlock is rather too small for me for my 5'5, 120 lbs structure. I was kinda sad about it.