Jenny McCarthy Is Pregnant

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  1. E! talk show host Chelsey Handler made a big announcement on her show Tuesday night about her friend Jenny McCarthy.

    Handler said: "And by the way, Jim, Jenny wanted me to tell you - she's pregnant."

  2. Wow, good for them!
  3. Love them both. Great news!!!
  4. Now this is gonna be one fun dad lol!

    Great news, I think he already has a lovely daughter. They seem like a good couple :smile:
  5. On last night's episode of Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler made an interesting statement about her good friend Jenny McCarthy, when she announced (via television camera) to Jenny's boyfriend Jim Carrey "by the way...Jenny wanted me to tell you she's pregnant." However, Jenny's rep tells Us Weekly that Chelsea was just joking!
  6. ^ okay... :confused1:
  7. everybody is pregnant. its no longer exciting news. well, maybe not for jenny mcarthy
  8. ^ don't forget about those not pregnant, they are in rehab. :roflmfao:
  9. Oh dear, so she isnt then? That was mean.

    I do adore Jenny with how she has handled her sons autism. She is an excellent mom. I couldnt imagine Jim as a would probably be non stop laughter LOL
  10. wow, didn't see that one coming, congrats to them

  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao: how can I forget that!!!

    Its all there is going on in hollywood...fooping and smoking.
  12. Wow congrats to them! Are they engaged?

  13. BUT the real it-thing at the moment is the psych ward. :roflmfao:
  14. awww cute! Congrats to them both!
  15. baby time
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