*jennifer*'s collection

  1. i think this is a great way to document my collection as my taste and life changes and evolves!

    first, a picture of my "original" collection, circa summer 2005 :P with my old watermarking on it.

    - LV speedy 25
    - LV LE cherry blossom pochette
    - LV popincourt haut
    - LV epi soufflot (in my favorite discontinued "old red")
    - Gucci convertible wallet/clutch
    - Hogan weekend "shopping" bag
    - Kate Spade Patent Leather bucket (a gift from my brother and my first "designer" leather bag)
    - Un Apres Midi de Chien Fourmi bag in lilac
    - Balenciaga 2005 Pewter City

    more to come! :smile:
    oldcollectionpic.jpg speedy.jpg cherryblossom.jpg popincourt.jpg soufflot.JPG gucci.jpg hogan.jpg katespade.jpg apres.jpg pewtercity.jpg
  2. Awesome collection!
  3. yay, it worked! thanks, swanky!!

    getting ready to post some more now....
  4. the balenciagas.... two have left the flock and are with loving PF mommies :girlsigh:

    - 2003 black first with the fabulous pewter hardware
    - 2005 s/s black twiggy
    - 2005 f/w pewter first
    - 2005 f/w bordeaux twiggy
    - 2006 s/s ink twiggy

    2005 bordeaux box (to be pictured later)
    collection_tpf.jpg 03 First 001_tPF.jpg black twiggy tpf.jpg pewterfirst.jpg Bordeaux front.jpg ink with scarf.jpg
  5. - chanel 2005 grey reissue 2.55
    - marc jacobs black ursula zip clutch
    - marc jacobs "baby stam" in original icy leather
    - vintage gucci speedy

    (the old watermarking is my LJ name)
    reissue.jpg MJ ursula.jpg babystam.jpg guccispeedy.jpg
  6. omg...I loove the variety of your collection...esp the vintage gucci speedy!!! I have that in the shoulder bag version =)
  7. great variety:yahoo: :love: . I have that soufflot as well :P
  8. Great collectioin! Love the MJ Baby Stam.
  9. Wow....what a great bunch of bags!!!!!
  10. They have gucci speedy bags? I find the design alittle odd. It's does not have symmetric logos
    Correct me if iam wrg...
  11. Great collection!! I love the Chanel reissue! I also have to say that the mini soufflot is adorable.
  12. Wow, you have a great collection!
  13. I really like the "Un Apres Midi" bag, it's sooo cute !
  14. wow! one of the best collections ive seen so far!
  15. your collection is beautiful! :smile: