Jennifer meyer nameplate necklace

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  1. I don't own this necklace, but it does seem pricey. It's also very pretty. I don't think Jennifer Meyer pieces are known for having any quality issues, so I probably wouldn't worry about that.

    It is a little different than some of the other nameplate pieces out there right now, which is nice. Again, it's a really pretty necklace.

    Sorry I can't be more help! Maybe other will chime in with a little more knowledge!
  2. Thanks for responding :smile: I agree it is so pretty!! I hope others who may own this necklace can post some pictures or chime in as well of the quality.
  3. I just got one acouple of days ago and I love it so far. Very nice quality. Here is a pic I took today
  4. Oh wow looks great on you!! Thanks for sharing a picture. Did you order yiurs online? Where was it purchased from? Thanks!

  5. I ordered it online from ylang23
  6. Love your layered DBTY!!! I have one and I've thought about buying another with one of the colored stones do your necklaces get twisted up together? I'm specifically asking about the DBTY necklaces :smile:

  7. Thanks! Yes, they get tangled up. I'm constantly untangling them, but I love them so I just deal with it :smile:
  8. What is the chain length?? Thanks!
  9. They are beautiful. There is a DBTY thread I posted a pic of mine there. You inspired me...I may need to seriously consider another ;)
  10. mine is 16 inches, but I believe they have 17 inches available also
  11. I would like to purchase the Jennifer Meyer Nameplate necklace as well. I have a few pieces from her line, a white gold 'mom' bracelet, a white gold thin diamond band ring, and white gold diamond hoops. I need help in deciding whether to purchase the nameplate necklace in white gold (pretty much all my jewelry is WG or silver) or rose gold, which I love right now but don't own any. Should I play it safe and go with white gold or go for the rose gold for something new and fresh to update my jewelry wardrobe? Will the rose gold look good worn with my silver and WG pieces? If anyone has pics of this necklace please post!
  12. I prefer these necklaces in the warmer YG or RG. I want the YG myself, with my daughter's nickname on it.
    I have the Jennifer Meyer arrow necklace and the quality is superb.
  13. I prefer Rose Gold. I think it will look good.I have some of these.So you can do it.
  14. You should pick whatever you love and decide what you want to layer with it. We sell more of the yellow gold, but I agree, I love rose gold. Hope that helps, and if you need any photos of how it looks with another necklace, let us know.