Jennifer Meyer Jewelry...

  1. What do you think of this Jennifer Meyer necklace that J. Aniston wears in "The Breakup" movie? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
    janeck_2.jpg janeck2.jpg
  2. Also is that a Cartier tank watch she has on?
  3. I like it. I remember thinking about it during the movie.
  4. Thumbs-up!!! Yeah....she's wearing the Cartier Tank.
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  5. It's beautiful but it is very pricey.

    Jennifer and Tobey are having a baby together- I think she's around months :smile:
  6. I like it, I want the gold wishbone necklace that Mischa has but its $700.:yucky:
  7. Doesn't do much for me.
  8. I like it but I have to agree that its really pricey for what it is. Its the sort of thing that I might just get sick of, you know.
  9. I love it but I do agree its a little pricey but I did find a website that has replicas of it I purcased the silver leaf larkin neckalce I love it check it out
  10. I like it. I love jennifer's style. She likes simple understated jewelry and it looks so good on her. I watched movie Derailed and fell in love with the tiffany teardrop earring and wave bracelet she wore. I purchased it and love it.
  11. Hi! I think the necklace is a bit too trendy for that price but JMO.

    Yes! It is a Cartier & she's also carrying a Chanel cerf in white!:drool:

    I am almost embarrased I know this...DH would be giving me the huh? look...oh well you're a TPFer, you know how it goes!
  12. My thoughts exactly! Cute but trendy. Not timeless.:upsidedown:
  13. there's simple and understated and there's too safe and classic to even be interesting. IMO these fall into the latter category. totally unexciting. and not worth the price.
    i've seen way more beautiful leaves in jewelry.