Jennifer Meyer Jewelry fans

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  1. Please show me your Jennifer Meyer pieces! I am a big Jennifer Meyer fan and own several of her pieces to include:
    Nameplate necklace
    Mini diamond elephant necklace
    Mom statement necklace
    Wishbone bracelet
    Mini leaf studs
    Onyx and diamond triangle studs
    Thin hoop earrings w/single diamond

    All my pieces are in white gold, although it is difficult to find her pieces In WG and some I have had to special order. IMG_1533.jpg

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  2. I’ve been looking at some Jennifer Meyer pieces recently and just found this thread :smile: It sounds like you have a gorgeous collection!

    I just ordered this necklace from Net a Porter as a birthday present to myself and am very excited as I love the simplicity of it and the beaded long chain, I can imagine it looking good with so many different outfits.

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  3. Yes, love the simplicity of her pieces and the clean lines. I can’t get enough! Enjoy your pretty necklace. Post a modeling pic please!
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  4. Okay Jennifer Meyer fans...which metal on this JM necklace? I love the richness of the rose gold but only own a ring in RG. All of my other jewelry is white metals. Struggling to place and order because I am undecided and the piece is $$$!

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  5. I’ve never even heard of her...So now I have to look her up!
  6. I prefer the rose gold.
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  7. I have the loveyou necklace, and I loooove it.
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  8. i'm a YG girl but actually prefer the blingof the whitegold.
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  9. I went with the white gold JM leaf necklace and absolutely love it!!
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