Jennifer Marvin, Paris

  1. I love these bags. Have you seen them? They are of such great uncompromising quality, I just want to share them with the world! The designer is a very passionate and and dedicated lady I had the pleasure to interview a while back...and her bags are just as lovley. She lines them in silk...sublime...Please let me know what you think fellow handbag lovers!
  2. oh my, ooops, just learning! please excuse my double post!
  3. I see today is your first day posting and you have mentioned this website in a number of places. Are you affiliated with it?
  4. Just quite fond of them. Getting the word out.
  5. Do you own the one in your avatar?
  6. Yes, I's my all time favourite bag. The red is yummy.
  7. alexandra, are they sold somewhere in Paris? They're very pretty, I'd like to see them in person.
  8. I think they are available at Frank et Fils, but I am not completly sure. Mine was custom ordered.
  9. i think they are cute :smile:
  10. They really are cute! I like the pink boxed shaped one! Very whimsical. I'm wondering how sturdy they are though...
  11. They are amazingly sturdy. I promise, you will have it for the rest of your life and hand it down to your kids and their kids...they are really that well made. They use the same tannery as Hermes and they are made by the same atelier as Chanel (Chanel uses many little ateliers in France, and Jennifer Marvin bags are made by one of these.) Honestly, the quality is so high I can't get over it. I have that pink one myself. I love it so much, I am having a copy of it custom made completely in tobacco (no contrasting color) for when I travel. I get so many complements on the pink bag every time I carry it, it is really's called "Mia" by the way...
  12. Never heard of her. Where does she sell beside Franck & Fils? Are you her friend or something?
  13. I am not really sure where else they are sold. I am not a friend, though I did enjoy meeting her once.
  14. Happy EU day, and day off:flowers:
  15. There are a lot of well kept secrets in in particular is Nicholas Menard, have you heard of him, Boudoir? He makes amazing custom pieces...amazing artisan (young guy, too!). You won't find his peices with his name on them...he is just one of the people who create the prototypes for Givency among others...when he does one for you, you have an amazing bag, to be sure...he is in the have to "slum" a little and go into the bobo district to get to his studio (not a problem for me!) can only see him by appointment...aligator pieces to die for...