Jennifer Love Hewitt "Ghost Whisperer"

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  1. I'm actually surprised no one talks about her fashion in this show; are there any GW viewers around here?? Her dresses, shoes, and coats are so incredible; I'd love to be able to find some of the brands. I'll try to hunt down pictures of my favorites tomorrow and post them up... just figured I'd give a headstart on the topic in case there are already some GW fans in here.
  2. interesting website :smile:)thaks for that - its really useful
  3. Gosh I love the show and her clothes are fab!
  4. ^^ me too!!
  5. They actually use a lot of vintage clothing in the show. You can pretty much tell just by watching. I also remember hearing it on tv, somewhere along the line.
  6. Aslo check out and select TV shows and look for CBS, than click on GW. They show some of her outfits & accessories and where you can get them.
  7. Wow, thanks guys!! I appreciate it... and yes, I watched something on one of the DVD features I think, where they talked about the clothes being vintage... it suits her and the show so well. She looks beautiful!

  8. I noticed that too!! I love vintage clothing!
  9. Haha, I knew I'd find some people in here who liked her clothes on GW as much as I do!!
  10. BUMP! If you ID anything, please post it here!
  11. I love GW too!! Actually those vintage clothing are so beautiful.:nuts: