Jennifer Lopez's gorgeous leopard print bag?

  1. Hello all,

    Seen plenty of pics with the lovely JLO toting a gorgoues large leopard print bag, anyone know who makes it? Some people say its by YSL, some say its D&G. Anyone know for sure? And would anyone know where I could get a cheaper version, (even a smaller size would do. )

    Any information would be much appreciated! I've been in love with that bag since I saw her with it last October! :smile:

    :heart: Thanks!
  2. It's a D&G, but I have to check which one exactly. As soon as I don it I'll let you know. BTW I also think this bag is gorgeous :smile:
  3. Any pics?
  4. I found this picture at People Magazine:


    Although I'm not a big fan of leopard prints, it has to be said that Jennifer Lopez looks glam with the bag.

  5. Gorgeous!! Love it!!
  6. It's very nice and i usually don't like animal prints.

  7. Yeah that's what I like about it! It's very classy looking, and trendy at the same time too. :love:

    I've had no luck on eBay so far looking for something similar... i'd like something exactly in that style but smaller, like an everyday handbag style.
  8. Sorry. Don't like animal prints at all. Sorry!!!
  9. I think it's D&G. The YSL muse in leopard or the Fendi B in Leopard are fabulous too!
  10. There is a Muse in leopard?
    Do you know where to get one?
  11. I love it
  12. Yes, Snow Leopard is my favorite. It's absolutely gorgeous.
    Try calling YSL boutique. =)
  13. Gorgeous bag! It looks great on her. =)

  14. i like the bag too. you must be confident to carry one.
  15. *want want want want*

    Looking looking... can't find one.

    *tears out hair in frustuation*