Jennifer Lopez Wins $545K Arbitration Settlement From Ex

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    Jennifer Lopez Wins $545K Arbitration Settlement From Ex

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 5, 2007) – Jennifer Lopez has been awarded an arbitration award of $545,000 from her first husband Ojani Noa.
    Noa had reportedly penned, through a ghost writer, a tell-all book on the actress.
    Lopez’s suit claims her ex wanted $5 million to refrain from publishing the book.
    Noa represented himself in the case. CNS reports he had asked for a delay in the case to find himself counsel, a request which was denied by LA Superior Court Judge Michael C. Solner.
    “I think it’s unfair, to be honest, your honor,” CNS reports Noa saying.

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    Paul N. Sorrell, who represented Lopez in the case, said Noa had three previous opportunities to get a lawyer.
    Judge Solner also issued an injunction against Noa, a former waiter, to keep him from “criticizing, denigrating, casting in a negative light or otherwise disparaging or causing disparagement to the plaintiff.” CNS also reports the Judge ordered Noa to give Lopez or her counsel papers and all copies of material related to the book.
    Outside the courtroom, Noa said he did not plan to defame Lopez in his book.
    “I have too much class for that,” CNS reports Noa saying.
    Lopez and Noa were married in February 1997, but divorced 11 months later.
    Noa received a settlement following the couple’s split and his book was believed to violate that settlement.
    Lopez’s attorney had no comment for reporters upon leaving the courtroom.
  2. Wow, interesting-- I wonder how this wound up in arbitration... maybe the parties agreed to have an arb. hear it, but the judge is still mentioned.

    I love Jlo.
  3. WoW her makeup looks amazing in that pic!! I hope she buy herself a great new purse with the money!!! I would:biggrin: