Jennifer Lopez @ TRL

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  1. Jennifer Lopez fuels pregnancy rumors on Monday at TRL by wearing a very, very loose black-and-white striped dress, thigh high Christian Louboutin boots and a floppy hat.
    J.Lo sure likes to keep us guessing! She stayed mum on the question of whether she’s pregnant Sunday during her MSG concert despite published reports that she would take that opportunity to announce. Also expect to see her on Good Morning America Tuesday morning… in another baby baby-covering ensemble.
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  2. She looks gorgeous.
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  3. yes, she's very pretty.
  4. I am convinced she's pregnant. On Access Hollywood yesterday they showed a clip from her recent concert where she playfully teased the audience who were shouting out questions on whether she was pregnant or not. I really hope she is! :tup:
  5. She looks great, but I wish she wouldn't hide it so well! :biggrin:
  6. J.Lo is great, but... what is she wearing?!
  7. She's got to be pregnant! She's been sporting all those horrible outfits that look like bed sheets. When is the last time she was spotted in something fitted?
  8. I do not care for the dress but those boots are TDF! :tup:
  9. Don't care about the dress - the CL's are drool-worthy!
  10. She's definitely pregnant (like she was REALLY fooling some of us!). The announcement is on the other J.Lo thread.
  11. she's def prego! you can tell by her face. love her boots!
  12. I really think she is pregnant and that is the best thing in the world. But i wonder why do these celebrities hide their bump its like their ashamed of being pregnant even though everyone knows they're pregnant.
  13. ^^^I think in her case, it's a matter of "it's none of your business" and three cheers for her taking that attitude (even though it's pretty obvious she's preggers). Does ANYONE really need to know every little detail about the life of someone in the public eye?
  14. Love her makeup, and i do hope she is pregnant.
  15. Hot Hot Hot