Jennifer Lopez Shopping with her Muse

  1. Hi. Just wanted to share these pics of Jennifer Lopez from teddy and moo. I love her white Muse. :love:

  2. She looks soo pretty! I know I like that Muse! She does look a little heavier maybe those rumors about her being pregnat might be true. I hope so. But I think that clothes make her look like that.
  3. yeah, she does look heavier for sure. Her ankles and feet like huge.
  4. That looks like a maternity top. Good for her.
    Bump from the Bronx
    More and more sources are turning up saying our girl from da Bronx is indeed knocked up. Though Jennifer Lopez's people still are ducking it, music industry sources -- plus a former J. Lo biz associate -- confirm the superstar is "about three months" pregnant with her first child -- fathered by hubby Marc Anthony. More pictures in the gallery of Jennifer Lopez shopping yesterday with girlfriend Leah Remini at Fred Segal and Madison located on Robertson Blvd!
  6. good for her! I love her muse and her outfit!
  7. Pretty :]
  8. i hope she's pregnant...i see her as a very sweet mommy!:love:
  9. She looks the same as always to me! If that's big, I must be a blimp!!
  10. I love the Muse on her... pregnant or not, her body is one of the last 'natural' ones in Hollywood.
  11. Absolutely! I saw Monster In Law last night, and thought that she looked like a real person, versus most of the stick-people in Hollywood.
  12. She looks gorgeous. What I like is she's not too thin like certain hollywood celebs and she has a beautiful skin tone. Great sense of style too.
  13. Love love love her XL white Muse!
  14. She looks so fresh. I'm glad shes preggers. She looks good and natural.
  15. LOL :lol: Me too.