Jennifer Lopez performs at the Staples Center in Los Angeles - Oct. 19

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  2. that outfit is hideous!
  3. It's pretty obvious that she's pregnant, but she should make that clear already and change her outfit for something stylish and flattering. She looks horrible and really fat in this outfit.
  4. That outfit is not flattering at all but I wouldn't say she looks really fat in it but it does make her look bigger then she normally is. I can understand her need for privacy but she ain't fooling anyone about the pregnancy!
  5. I don't understand why celebs feel they need to hide their pregnancies especially when they clearly are! First Christian A. and now her?
  6. That's what I meant - she doesn't look very fat, but because of this outfit she seems much fatter than normally. Her legs look really big in it.
    Maybe I just didn't use the right words to say it :smile:
  7. OMG my eyes!!! That outfit is horrible!! Call the fashion police!!!!
    Ah... her "pregnancy"... its just a matter of time so... if she doesn't want to say anything, let it be. It'd be amazing if she still denied it when she's like 6 months pregnant... "this bump here? hum, I ust had a big bad of doritos?"...
  8. what in the jungle hell is she wearing?:wtf:
  9. why not be proud being a new mom? what is the big deal?
  10. I think she looks good and looks to be in shape.
  11. I agree!! I know it's stage wear, but jeebus!
  12. Apparently Roberto Cavalli is now doing maternity wear! :wtf:
  13. Marc Anthony's Revealing Dedication to Jennifer Lopez

    Marc Anthony raised eyebrows Friday night when he made a special song dedication to wife Jennifer Lopez at their Los Angeles concert.

    "It's a real personal song," Anthony said before belting out Journey's "Faithfully" inside a packed Staples Center. "This song has a whole new significance."

    It was when he sang the song's lyrics "They say that the road ain't no place to start a family" that concert goers erupted in cheers. He noted to fans that the song had "quite a special significance," dedicating it to the couple's "friends" in the audience as well.

    Lopez's Turn

    After Anthony's hour-long set (featuring music from the couple's film El Cantante), Lopez, 38, hit the stage asking fans "How are you, L.A.?" and later told the crowd "This is such a special time."

    Lopez was clearly showing an expanding belly, continuing to wear her loose-fitting outfits on stage. She also wore noticeably low-heeled boots during the heavier dance routines.

    This has been a year of firsts for Lopez. She released her first Spanish album, embarked on her first tour and – if you believe the bump – becoming a mother for the first time. But as Lopez continues to remain mum on the topic her fans have their own opinions.

    "She's so pregnant!" one concert goer said as they exited the Staples Center. Another fan tells PEOPLE there was no mistaking "she had a tummy." "She wasn't moving that much," said fan Monica Hathaway, 35, from La Palma, Calif. "I'm a mother of three, I know, she's pregnant!"

    But as Anthony and Lopez keep everyone guessing, one thing is certain: Anthony only has eyes for his wife. Standing at one end of the stage during their last song together, Anthony gazed at Lopez and said, "She's just fine."
  14. I think that celebrities don't announce it just so more people speculate and it keeps them in the news. So ridiculous. I think most things celebrities do are probably PR stunts.
  15. ^^^^^ That's what I was about to say. Keeping people guessing doesn't make them have more privacy and less attention at all. Everybody is talking about them now and speculationg if they are pregnant or not.