Jennifer Lopez May Consider Going Under The Knife!

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  1. Jennifer Lopez has admitted she may consider going under the
    surgeon’s knife if her looks start to fade in the future.
    She told Britain’s BBC Radio 1: “You never know. I wouldn’t rule it out, no,
    and I don’t judge anybody who has had work done. You don’t know how you will
    feel when you reach a certain age.”
    Jennifer also revealed she had a dispute with husband Marc Anthony about
    which songs to include on their upcoming joint tour.
    She said: “Marc loves my song ‘If You Had My Love’. But because it was my
    first song, I sang it so much that I never want to hear it again.
    “He wanted me to sing it on tour, but I just said, ‘No, I don’t want to!’ “

  2. I really don't think she will need cosmetic surgery--she is a true beauty.