Jennifer Lopez Leaving Hotel In New York

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  2. Haven't seen pics of her lately.
  3. She looks great. And they seem to be so happy together.
  4. I've always thought she was gorgeous...and always seems friendly with the press!!
  5. Does anyone know who makes those sunglasses?
  6. Thanks for the pics...i love JLO. But seriously is she expecting? I saw her on another thread on her fashion show. She in a green dress.. i thought I saw a baby bump!
  7. She always looks so pretty and put together.
  8. i agree-she always does look so put together. would it be sooo hard for these other bag-lady celebs to try a little? j lo obviously would look gorgeous in a sack but i find it refreshing for someone to appreciate their ever-watched celeb status and look stylish, neat and coiffed:yes:
  9. she looks lovely, and happy.
  10. she looks really good, as always!
  11. always cute and smiling.
    glad she's happy.
  12. love her sunglasses, too!!!

  13. You took the question right out of my mouth.
    Love those sunglasses, please let me know who
    the designer could be.

    She looks great, could be having a baby.
  14. I have my sunglasses guy doing research...took the pic in yesterday. He didn't know as of yesterday.
  15. It looks like they (sunglasses) are OP. That's just a guess!