Jennifer Lopez & Katie Holmes @ The Pursuit of Happyness premiere (dec. 7)

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  3. Both Katie and JLo look AMAZING!!!:nuts:
    BTW, I saw a preview for that movie and it's a def. MUST SEE!!! Although, one must bring a couple of boxes of Kleenex!!!
  4. ^^Really,cool i was reluctant wheter i should go to see it or not!
    And yes they look great but i LOVE Jennifers hairstyle and her dress!:love:
  5. KH looks really pretty there. As for Tom Cruise...Donald Trump called, he wanted his hair back.
  6. So true that hair cut needs to go,he looks so strange with it.
    I dont know whats going on with Tom he was so!:sad:
  7. I must be the only person who doesn't like the way J-Lo's been dressing lately. It's like she's trying too hard to do the retro thing, but it just doesn't work for her IMO, her makeup is always flawless though.

    I think Katie looks way older than she is, and Tom's clothes are always too tight.
  8. I don't know about jlo's dress. She has been dressing in some pretty baggy stuff.
  9. i never knew KH's eyez are sooooooooooo prettttttttty:heart:

    she looks adorable...
  10. Is it true that she's pregnant again?
  11. Katie has gotten so much prettier... i used to think she was kinda cute, but blah... not a fan of J. Lo, but even i have to admit she looks fab here
  12. I don't like JLo's dress, but Katie looks fab!
  13. That is the same group that went to the Wedding and to Wolf Gang Pucks except Vicotria B. is not with them this time. Are they working on Will and Jada too? I heard about Leah Remini helping J Lo be Scientology "cleansed." Wow!
  14. omgosh they're pulling a BritParis & making the papparazzi go crazy!!

    idk but this to me is really getting bizarre....

    imo, tom looks strange and i guess its bc he needs to drop 10lbs
  15. Katie looks great but really, really different. Even the way she carries herself, it's just completely unlike before Tom.