Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant!

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    Last night Jennifer Lopez took to the runway to show off her new fashion line JustSweet wearing a tight 80’s inspired lime green dress that is either not very flattering or showed off what is the beginning of a baby bump.
    To further fan the fire of pregnancy speculation, J-Lo left the show hiding her stomach behind one of her gift bags. So what do you think? Pregnant? Weight gain? Unflattering Dress?
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  3. OK, I just replied in the other thread...but Ill reply the same thing in this(correct) thread just incase the other gets deleted lol...

    I think the dress is cute...but it does look like a little baby bump going on! And the gift bag hiding maneuver kind of made it obvious. Who knows..
  4. Thank you, lol the title was completely off topic on the other I pmed a mod to delete it:yes:
  5. I saw another picture and she really did look like she was pregnant. But maybe not, I would have thought she would have announced if she were, seeing as there have been so many stories of her having difficulty getting pregnant and wanting children.
  6. It's hard to say, I want to say that it's just not a very flattering dress, but no one holds a shopping bag like that unless they're hiding something...or maybe she's just advertising for the store or something?
  7. I think it's just a bad dress. She is a pear shape, so it could just be weight fluctuation too.
  8. Nah, i bet you any money she's pregnant. When have you ever seen Jlo NOT wear a tight showy dress?!
  9. It is something I keep hearing too. Who knows! But she would make a great mommie!
  10. This has been an ongoing rumour for some time....I'm sure it's a pain to always have people inquiring as to such delicate matters, esp. if she's having probs in this dept.
  11. That would be so nice for her!
  12. Fingers crossed for JLO!! Then she'd truly be the woman who has it all!!:tup:
  13. AWWWW I hope she is pregnant! I know she has been wanting a baby for a while, and i think she would be a great mom and she seems to be in a great part of her life right now....*keeping fingers crossed*
  14. Maybe Paris Hilton knows the answer? :p
  15. I swear I read in our local laughable newspaper that she IS pregnant. :confused1: