Jennifer Lopez @ Good Morning America

  1. Jennifer Lopez did not confirm her pregnant on Tuesday’s Good Morning America even though her baby baby still showed behind her floaty dress. (She wore killer boots, BTW.)
    GMA co-host Diane Sawyer said to the singer: “All right, all right, I know what everybody’s asking, and I know you have so little privacy in your life … so, I’m just going to say, ‘How are you?’ ”
    Replied a gleeful Jennifer, “I’m very well, thank you. This is really, really a great, happy time in my life. … Everything’s great.”
    Her album Brave is in stores today!
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  2. She's beautiful and she's really glowing.
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  3. :heart:Boots !!!
  4. She looks fantastic. I love the glow :heart:
  5. Why doesn't she just come out and tell us already ? !!! geez...
  6. She looks beautiful.
  7. she look fantastic.
  8. She looks gorgeous as always! I love, love, love her!!!! Can't wait to see her here on the 26th. I do wish she'd just announce it already if she is preggers!!!
  9. This is the longest streak of her wearing loose clothes i have EVER seen...we know how she loves to wear form fitting stuff so if she is not REALLY preggers this time then well I don't know what.
  10. i cant believe it! if its true, i cant even imagine how cute her baby would be!!
  11. i just saw a clip of this on tv...omg she really is absolutely glowing...she looks so happy!! thats wonderful :yahoo:
  12. Oh God! She is one of my favourite singer! She's just hot and sexy!
  13. She does look particularly glowy in these photos. I think she's confirmed it now hasn't she?
  14. The anticipation just generates more hype and attention....she should just state the obvious and do a Halle Berry IMO :idea:
  15. she looks very good there.