Jennifer Lopez @ ‘El Cantante’ Premiere

  1. Jennifer Lopez shows us what real curives are made of at the premiere of El Cantante (”The Singer”), a film biography of salsa-music pioneer Hector Lavoe, in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Monday.
    Hubby Marc Anthony stars as the famed but troubled Puerto Rican singer and Jennifer plays the singer’s long-suffering wife, Puchi.
    jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-01.jpg jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-02.jpg jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-03.jpg jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-04.jpg jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-05.jpg
  2. Tiny waist! But I just want to push up that strap.
  3. They're really cute couple and seem to be very happy together. She looks stunning.
    jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-06.jpg jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-07.jpg jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-08.jpg jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-09.jpg jennifer-lopez-el-cantante-premiere-10.jpg
  4. I don't like her but she looks great.
  5. I love her!!!
  6. Wow, she looks great! Please someone feed her DH.

    They have poured so much into this project...I hope it's everything they dreamed it to be!
  7. She looks fab.

  8. agreed :yes:
  9. I like the white dress it's got a simple, mod style going on. The other dress is definetely va-va-voom which Jennifer, of course, does well!
  10. Divina!!!!!
  11. I agree. And Marc looks like his creepy usual self.

  12. omg in the 1st pic she looks soo gorgeous!! i love her look! i really want to see this movie...i hope its good ..marc looks better to me than usual
  13. She looks great and always charismatic.
  14. Love her but never thought they made a good match. They do look happy though.

    The white dress is very Chic!
  15. She looks hot! I've always loved the fact that she's not stick thin!