Jennifer Lopez Dines with Philip Green

  1. Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony grab dinner at the exclusive members-only Annabel’s Club in London on Thursday with British billionaire businessman Philip Green (Britain’s fourth richest man). Maybe she was touting her justsweet clothing line to Mr. Green — he owns UK retailer TopShop after all!

    FYI: Jennifer (along with Ricky Martin and George Michael) performed at Green’s 55th birthday bash in Maldives earlier this year. Other pictures below include Jennifer and Marc leaving the Dorchester Hotel earlier in the day.
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  2. More pics.

    She looks great, but her skin is a little too orange for me.
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  3. bit much makeup...looks good for the most part
  4. Marc always looks like he's on the verge of death....
  5. Too much makeup. She's not my cup of tea anyway.
  6. I love JLO- she is FABO, I just don't know what she see in the GRIM REAPER- this man looks as if he has always taken his last breath.. and from I hear he is kind of a possesive jerk..
  7. What is the design on his pants? Marc's pants that is.
  8. :roflmfao: Unfortunately I have to agree.
  9. hmm j lo's makeup usually looks flawless - i dont know whats going on here.
  10. She's beautiful anyway, and I love her croc bag.
  11. She looks great can anyone id the bag?
  12. imo she is just outrageously gorgeous made up, esp here..idk how she does it but to me she is beyond stunning!!
  13. Jennifer Lopez waves to fans and photos as she leaves London’s Dorchester Hotel with hubby Marc Anthony on Friday. The singer/actress looked bloody fantastic in a black trench and Balenciaga belt with gold studs and brackets (about $900 as seen on Victoria Beckham back in April and Mary-Kate Olsen in August).
    Jennifer also recently collaborated with rapper Baby Bash for a song called “This Boy’s Fire.” The track will be featured in the upcoming Carlos Santana collection “Ultimate Santana,” due Oct. 16.
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  14. she's looking good there.