Jennifer Lopez croc bag??

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  1. Anyone know what bag this is?

  2. Zagliani Crocodile Puffy Satchel, $12,000 at Saks:

  3. ^ beautiful!
  4. it is gorgeous...

    $12,000 huh? what a

  5. ^^ I know, wow, what a knockout bag! I'm sure someday she'll give it to her daughter, awwww...
  6. Love the shoes too!
  7. The shoes are CL - they look like the Fontanete ($795) pumps, but in suede instead of patent (they might have a different style name because of that):

  8. killer bag.
  9. Zagliani... she has at least two of those!
  10. love those shoes AND that bag. sexy!
  11. I love the bag!! :love:
  12. Great Bag
  13. It's really gorgeous, I love the Zagliani styles. J.Lo really looks good carrying them too.
  14. I love Zagliani! I just got my first one, and I love her croc. Too bad I don't have her bank acct! I'd snap one up's gorgeous!