Jennifer Lopez @ Children’s Health Fund Gala

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  1. Honorary Co-Chairs Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony attend the Children’s Health Fund Gala Dinner at NYC’s Hilton Hotel on Wednesday, which honored President Bill Clinton with the Humanitarian Award.
    Marc performed during the dinner (possibly a duet with Jennifer).
    The CHF marked its 20th anniversary year raising awareness of child health issues and the persistent problems that continue to overwhelm millions of disadvantaged children and families in America. Pictured below: Honorary Chair Paul Simon.
    J.Lo.jpg J.Lo2.jpg J.Lo and Marc.jpg J.Lo and Marc2.jpg J.Lo and Marc3.jpg
  2. Hate her.
  3. She looks great.
  4. why does he always look greasy?
  5. She always looks so much better and happier without him standing by her lol
  6. Don't like the dress.
  7. I lOve her Look!! I think Marc looks slightly healthier too
  8. Love her!
  9. :roflmfao: It's gotta be the hair.

    I am not a huge fan of JLo but she always has the nicest glowing skin.
  10. I actually both look happiest in the 4th pic. in the one alone she looks miserable to me.

    I like her look -she is wearing the M Kors belt I so want.... *sigh*. I think she is very classy nowadays - seems to be a Hollywood trend. she has relaxed a bit since they are together, and wow, they are together for some time! good for her.

  11. yea he does...Im glad Im not the only one who tihnks he usually looks too DH thinks he's a crackhead!:lol:
  12. She seems more quiet with him, not all over the place. Maybe he's less photogenic than Ben?! lol
  13. That dress is gorgeous, she always has great style and really knows how to accessorize well.
  14. she looks great :biggrin: