Jennifer Lopez Bags at Kohls?

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  1. Has anyone seen these bags or own them? I was in the store today and I saw this black faux fur one. They were really nice looking. I was surpassed I liked them. I was petting the furry one for a while. I would have even bought it except that fur on the bag shed like my cat. :sad:
  2. The commercials have been bad enough, why would I torture myself further by actually looking at/and or buying?

    I rest my case. :nuts:

  3. hahahaha I have not seen the commercials. I am going to you tube them now.. LOL
  4. They are not so bad I might be jaded though. I am from the Bronx. ;)
  5. Actually, I'm looking at this from a different viewpoint - Buying handbags at Kohls is like buying handbags at Wal-Mart. Maybe JLO should ink a deal with K-Mart, actually. Kohls is confusing to me, right up there with Herbergers. All starting to look tacky. I'd rather buy a nice bag at TJ Maxx and get better value for my money, ya know?
  6. I actually walked through the handbag section at Kohl's once & thought to myself - why am I here? And then I returned to my senses & left. Everything was faux leather and bad faux leather at that.
  7. I know, right?

  8. I know! I was thinking " well, maybe like some of my friends who get pretty cute bags here, I can find a deal" then I went around and felt of some of the bags and just plain got the creeps. It sent chills how bad the faux leather feels. Some is okay, don't get me wrong, but the prices are kinda high for just how bad they are there. I can't comment on JLO bags as I haven't seen and/ or felt of them.
  9. I checked them out today....they weren't actually too bad. I liked one of the small clutches...but not enough to buy it.
  10. Aw! C'mon girls! It depends what someones price range is. My guess would be it attracts a young teenage audience or someone who is not looking to spend much for a knock around bag with a bit of style. I, personally, if spending in a lower range market, would opt to buy a Tiganello on sale.
  11. You're quite right, BgaHolic, quite 'shamed of m'self - but I have to say I have never shopped for bags in a Kohls, don't know why. I will buy clothes and shoes there. Oh, and kitchen stuff, they are quite nice for kitchen stuff. And bedding! Quilts, even!
  12. Wanna laugh? Since I have bought my leather bags and my one LV I think the same thing. I love to look and every time I think I want one I think again to myself -why???? Then I leave that section and look at clothes , decor and house hold things. I am glad you said that cause I think it too. After having my nicer leather why do I want to buy faux? Then I leave that section.
  13. I didn't even know she had a handbag line! She's quite the business woman. I don't have a Kohl's near me so cannot comment on their merchandise. But whenever I see the name Jennifer Lopez, I can't help but take a peek :P
  14. Yeah but there are moments when I go to my hair salon and they have a small boutique there where the merchant sells Big Buddha bags and I always admire them. They only sell for a max $70 and if it's the max someone can afford, while I only like leather, I can see it!
  15. Exactly.