Jennifer Hudson's Mother Found Dead

  1. I was mortified when I heard about this. I feel so bad for her. I hope they fine the nephew very soon.
  2. I feel so badly for Jennifer but especially for her sister Julia. Not only were her mother and brother shot to death but her little boy is missing!
  3. This is so sad! Poor Jennifer :wtf:
  4. That is so sad.

    I hope her nephew is found OK.
  5. OMG! How shocking! I hope the child is found!
  6. This is terrible and sad news! I hope the little boy is found!
  7. I saw this on the news. What a terrible thing!!! Could you even imagine... My heart goes out to her.
  8. So awful. The poor girl, my heart is breaking for her.
  9. oh my goodness, that is so terrible. My prayers go out to her and her family.
  10. Omg, that's horrible!:crybaby:
  11. This is a total tragedy. I am so sad for Jennifer and her sister Julia. I hope they find Julia's son alive and well.
    I can't imagine what this poor family is going thru right now.
    My heart is breaking for them....
  12. How sad...
  13. My heart just breaks for her. On CNN it says that she had to identify her mother and brother :sad:
  14. so horrible!!
  15. I was heartbroken to hear this! I pray that they find her little nephew okay and bring him home to her sister - how much more heartbreak can they take?