Jennifer Hudson!

  1. My sentiments exactly! Very well said.
  2. Naomi in 1987. UK addition. This is one of my most memorable covers.

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    Jennifer on her boyfriend: "My boyfriend, James [Peyton, who is 27], and I have been together since 1999, so he watched me struggle to get here. There were some dark times when I'd say, 'I can't sing anymore. I'm not right for this.' He'd say, 'Jennifer, there's no way you're not singing. Keep it up, girl, keep it up."

    Jennifer on gaining 20 lbs for the role of Effie: "I did it by eating cookies, cakes, and pies at all hours of the night. The trouble is, we were dancing so much, it was hard to keep the weight on. I'd lose an inch, and they'd yell 'You've gotta eat more chocolate cake!'"

    Jennifer on making a friend while on the set: "[After filming, costar] Jamie Foxx would call me every Sunday and say 'I’ve been down the same road you’re going down.' And I’d say, 'Me? No way.' And he’d say, 'Yeah, you’re gonna be there—the Golden Globes, the Oscars.' It’s so great to have somebody to lean on when things are changing so fast. He's my lifesaver."

    Jennifer on her music idols: "When nobody else saw my talent [on American Idol], Elton John did. He and Barry Manilow [whose songs she also sang] are like part of my family. I still hear from them with words of encouragement. To have these guys in my corner, it's like, whoa
  4. ^^WOW thank you,i am just loving the fact that she is getting all these huge covers.
  5. Now those are good pictures!
  6. those look so much better
  7. I don't get it. I haven't seen Jennifer Hudson since American Idol, and I think she looks 10x better now. I don't see how the pictures are bad (I also think it looks better in the magazine than online). The pictures really emphasize the singing, and you can imagine her almost bursting into a song.
  8. She's very pretty :yes:
  9. I like the pic on the piano but her legs should have been positioned differently. None the less it's a great accomplishment.

    PS. I love the Naomi cover.
  10. I also like the other pics Prada posted much better.

    And while I agree that she is absolutely gorgeous, I must respectfully disagree with those who have called her full-figured, or plus sized. She is normal. She has a very nice, normal, healthy shape.

    According to a recent interview, she wears a size 12, which is actually a size or two under the US national average.

    While most women are not lucky enough to be that beautiful (Jennifer has no pores, and is therefore somewhat Suspect) most women have a shape that is much closer to Jennifer's than to Heidi Klum's or any of the size 5'10" size 2-4 models that dominate the industry.:rant:

    Yes, she will be the third in a mere 80 years.:wondering
  11. Oscar winner JENNIFER HUDSON - she just nixed a $3 million role in a Warner Bros. flick because of a nude scene reports NE! It's NOT Jennifer's character that gets naked! But the feisty young star told execs that even though she's not required to flash flesh, she'll never condone nudity by appearing in any flick that features it... because she's a role model for aspiring young black women.
    Posted by Fabien Montique March 01, 2007
  12. Good for her! I'm glad she's not selling out to the God of money by bending her morals. In the long run, by choosing her roles carefully I think it will give her a longer-lasting, quality career.
  13. She's got amazing skin, but I agree those photographs do not show her best light. She's got an amazing smile! Let her use it.

    Remember when Oprah worked out for so long because she was going to be on the cover of Vogue? It's nice to see the leap to a larger woman who is amazingly beautiful.
  14. Jennifer Hudson Has a Metallic Mood

    Tue, 24 June 2008
    Jennifer Hudson rocks out a metallic number as she arrives at the 2008 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
    Lil Wayne, Usher and Alicia Keys are expected to perform.
    “This is truly the Super Bowl of awards shows,” BET chairman Debra Lee said at a private dinner the night before the show. “We’re really proud of it.”
    Presenters at the awards ceremony include: Terence Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Ice Cube and LL Cool J.
    10+ pictures of Jennifer Hudson’s metallic mood… More Here! »