Jennifer Garner's Ombre Prada Bag

  1. Ok- so I used to be a hard care Prada devotee. I am now over at Balenciaga doing great mischief with plastic cards. I have fallen in love with the Prada Ombre Tote that J.Garner has been pictured with and I have been spending a lot of time trying to find it. It's not a patent one- looks like calf skin goes from light to dark grey or black on top part of the bag. The picture is on the Purse Blog here somewhere.
    Does anyone have a clue where I can get this bag??
    Help!!! And Thanks!!!
  2. have you called the official prada boutiques? they have a special computer program in which all the available bags from all shops around the world are listed, so they can tell you in which boutique the bag is available (if they do not have it in their own boutique). most boutiques do a mailorder and will directly ship to you.

    good luck!
  3. great info^^
  4. Most Prada boutiques have these in stock still...Each one carries a different line so call around.
    I use SONIA at the Broadway NY store..she is fab to work with if u need a really good Prada SA!
  5. it's always helpful to have a picture (and an SA who has email):


    personally, i have never seen this exact style in any of the stores (bergdorf's, Saks, neiman's, Barney's, prada boutique). good luck!
  6. ^JG Looks Gorgeous Always:yes:
  7. hehe I saw and carried this bag today (I am not from the states tho') and its even more gorgeous in real life. Breathtaking.
  8. Ooooh I love these bags! Delicious! Great shot of Jen too...looking fabulous!
  9. Jen really looks fabulous in this pic
  10. [​IMG]
    Darling I have your answer!!!! Just saw this bag at Nordys in Bellevue!
    Have Marie e-mail you a picture because she just got it in and it's fabulous!!!! Tell her Rachel sent you!
    Marie Allen
    Prada Specialist
    Bellevue Nordstrom
    425.455.4800 ext. 1256
  11. beautiful bag! on the larger size, but stunning.
  12. That is a super hot bag! Does anyone know how much it is???
  13. I believe that it is $1515 isn't that a fab deal!!!!? I just talked to my SA at Nordys and she has 3 left!!! If u wanna snap them up....I've already reached my Prada purchase limit for the month or else I'd buy it :crybaby:
    her name is Marie Allen
    tell her I sent ya! Happy shopping! :tup:
  14. ^^^The one you ordered is definitely not the same one it the picture above. I had ordered that same bag you just ordered. The leather is very stiff, the shape is boxy, not smooshy, it's much smaller and the hardware is different. It's a nice bag, don't get me wrong, but if you wanted the exact bag in the picture of Jennifer Garner, yours won't be it.