Jennifer Garner's bag?

  1. Does anyone know who makes this bag? I think its really pretty & I love the color.

  2. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for the link! The brown one is a beauty as well!!
  3. I know!!!! Isn't it gorgeous????
  4. gorgeous! She has some tiny arms to get a 4" drop over her shoulder? Just love her.
  5. You're welcome. It was the first of these "ID this bag" thread that I was able to recognize, pretty pleased with myself :rolleyes:
  6. Have you seen it IRL or did you find it online? I'd love to touch it! :p And according to the dimensions its pretty large, but the more I look at it the more I :heart: it!!!!
  7. Ain't that the truth! I've had my eyes on this fab bag for over 2.5 months. And I just recently saw Garner toting it around.

    It's definitely not a comfy bag to wear on your shoulder and it's pretty stiff. I was disappointed when I saw it at Sak's...but my husband, i'm sure, is thankful.:tup:

    The color is scrumptious though
  8. Thanks for the link to Meg's blog. I'm behind on reading them. Thats interesting that there is such a mixed reaction to it. I LOVE it!! :heart:
  9. I love the color.:tup: