Jennifer Garner: Princess Bride

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  1. The January 2007 issue of Elle Magazine has arrived with the gorgeous but gawky presence of 34-year-old Jennifer Garner. With a baby daughter, a dream boat husband, and a big new movie, Catch and Release, sunny, sexy, Jen is positively sailing along. Here is my favorite paragraph of the article:
    “Oh my butt crack is showing,” Garner says, hitching up a pair of jeans whose designer she can’t identify as she plunks down outside the museum with a paper cup of decaf Earl Grey tea and a jumbo hunk of greasy banana bread. She’s also wearing red Gucci boots and a black Marc Jacobs turtleneck. Fashion has never been an obsession, though she does work with omnipresent stylist Rachel Zoe for red-carpet events. “I would be happy if there was a uniform for life and we didn’t think about it,” Garner says. “I do appreciate people who have style. I like to look at it. And I even like when I accidentally stumble onto something that is a combination of me and something fancy — that makes me happy. But otherwise, the whole thing terrifies me.”
    Jason Bateman, one of her costars in the Peter Berg-directed ensemble thriller The Kingdom, also had a few kind words about Jen: “She’s a girl that a guy can very easily be friends with. Usually I would be sort of fumbling and disarmed by somebody so pretty, but she’s even more distracting as a pal: funny and energetic and sarcastic…. [Acting] is not a hard thing for her to do, and that’s nice to be around. A lot of actors take this stuff real seriously and make it brain surgery, and it’s so not.”
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I think she looks beautiful in these photos and I like her with longer hair! On the cover she looks somewhat different but she still looks good!
  3. She looks gorgeous! I've always like her - she seems really down to earth.
  4. I like the spread, she looks very beautiful. It looks like they used to much bronzer on her face on the cover. Still gorgeous. I like her hair. she looks a little like kate beckinsale.
  5. she looks beautiful,doesn't really look like her, looks more like Kate Beckinsdale^^^totally agree.
  6. She looks great in these photos, but I totally agree that she looks more like Kate Beckinsale.
  7. must be the long flowy dark hair. . . I don't think her face looks like Kate's at all personally.
    I think Jen looks beautiful here, as usual!
    I also think Kate B is a gorgeous woman!
  8. She looks so beautiful, really sexy in the more serious looking poses.
  9. I really like her, she seems very down to earth.
  10. So, so pretty!
  11. She is very pretty, I think she became more gaunt after her pregnancy.
  12. Wow, she's smokin'!!!!
  13. She looks great, I can't wait to see her new movie! It looks so gooood!!
  14. Glad she is on her way back after the baby!
  15. i love her hair!!! she's just so gorgeous!