Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

  1. They look sooooo cute together! And I love the name Violet! Jennifer looks a little tired though...:wondering


  2. she has jen's eyes! aww...i loooove chubby baby cheeks!
  3. violet is so adorable! they seem like such wonderful parents :smile:
  4. Awwww. She is so cute. She looks alot like Jen.
  5. Violet is adorable:love:
  6. She does look a lot like Jenn! :smile:
  7. Cute baby!
  8. Love that baby...Jen does not look like her Alias self, but she has a reason to relax a bit now.
  9. Very pretty baby! I like the Violet name too. I am glad they didn't name her something weird- like Apple.
  10. Beautiful baby and Mommy looks BEAUTIFUL too!
  11. What a cute baby! :nuts:
  12. Aw, cute baby! Look at those big deer-in-headlines eyes! What a sweetheart :heart:
  13. :amuse: how cute! they make a much nicer couple!
  14. She is an adorable baby, I love the name Violet, and Ben and Jenn are a great couple, much better than Ben and JLO.
  15. Gorgeous Baby Just Like Her Mommy!