Jennifer Connelly’s Balenciaga Ads

  1. Jennifer Connelly’s Balenciaga Ads


    Jennifer Connelly is the new face for fashion house Balenciaga.
    The 37-year-old actress sports Nicolas Ghesquière’s sculptural floral-printed designs in the house’s spring campaign by David Sims.
  2. I love the boots, though I don't know if I could pull them off!
  3. i could just never imagine a 'normal' person wearing that out. only celebs...
  4. Those pictures are beautiful!!!! LOVE the shoes!!!!!!!
  5. she's a strange choice i think, beautiful ads still but not the celebrity i would have chosen
  6. When I was a kid I had these little plastic dolls and the front and back halves of the clothes would snap together around the dolls body. That's what this dress reminds me of!!!

    I love JC!!! I think she gorgous!
  7. She may be nice enough but her looks never did anything for me. She never had that "movie star" appeal.

    Besides, her legs are crooked.
  8. i've always thought she was pretty - but when did she become a waif?
  9. She looks wonderful! Jennifer could probably make a paper sack dress look good, though. She's so classically gorgeous. :heart:

    On me, though? *shudders* One word: laughingstock :nogood:
  10. I absolutely love these ads! :love:
  11. she looks like an angry robot in those pics!
  12. There is certainly nothing wrong with being thin, but she looks terribly unhealthy...especially her skeleton-like legs. Just my opinion - not meant to offend anyone.
  13. I love the outfit. I think she looks awesome.
  14. Absolutely breathtaking! Love Bal, love Jen...

    FYI she is on the cover of Australian Vogue this month, with a fab photo shoot and a wonderful down-to-earth editorial!
  15. I'd be really surprised if her legs are really that thin. High-fashion ads are always Photoshopped... to cover up the bones on models to make them look naturally thin rather than awfully emaciated, and to "slim down" celebrities to model stature. My friend who works in the business estimates that every page of ad gets an average of $1000 worth of Photoshopping. :wtf:

    What's unfortunate (to me), is that people feel someone like Jennifer Connelly needs touching up. :tdown:

    Back to topic, though, I'm not terribly fond of the ads. She looks sort of uncomfortable... The fabric is stunning though.