Jennifer Connelly - new face of Balenciaga for Spring

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  1. According to Women's Wear Daily:

    "According to sources, Jennifer Connelly, who often wears Balenciaga, will be sporting Nicolas Ghesquière's sculptural floral-printed designs in the house's spring campaign. It is believed the shoot is taking place shortly in Los Angeles."

    I think this is great, she looks perfect in Bal and so beautiful! I guess this explains her early access to this SS08 dress.

  2. Not sure about those shoes though!
  3. I love Jennifer Connelly! She has got to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet!!! I love the shoes she's wearing, but I dont dig the dress. It somehow makes a stunning woman look like a silly girl!!
  4. I love her, and was kind of mad to see her feautured last week on one of the stupid nightly entertainment shows as a "quiz." She was shown in the dress, headless, with the question being something like "Who is wearing this terrible dress?" Not nice.
  5. Whooohooo...good choice!!
    Jeniffer Connelly is such a stunning person and its great to see that she was chosen to represent Bal..
  6. I like JC a lot. I think she's down to earth and very beautiful. She'll be perfect as a Balenciaga face. Having said that, I'm not liking the dress or the shoes.
  7. Not a big fan of that dress,it does not make a great body shape
  8. I love J.Connelly from always...
    First time I saw her was in Sergio Leone "Once upon a time in America" I think she was 13...and I was a little bit younger ;)
  9. She is a stunning woman (my SO adores her), but she looks really awkward and uncomfortable in the photo. I'm not a fan of 'straight from the catwalk' look.
  10. I love Jennifer Connelly and I am so excited to see the SS 08 ads!
    The dress is very editorial and not very street friendly (I'm open to being proven wrong on this one). However, I love that she has enough guts to wear this on the red carpet.
  11. I do not like the shoes at all, and I am not sure about the dress. She has a gorgeous face and body, but with that dress you cannot see any of it.
  12. I don't like the idea of her doing it, but I know I'll like it when I see it.
  13. I don't care for the dress at all. It is not flattering to the feminine form. Let's not kid ourselves here. It is ugly. If she is going to be the face of Balenciaga for spring 08, we must remember she is being paid to do so. I hope her contract says that she is able to choose her outfits, and they won't put her in some of those outrageous looks that Nicholas G. put down the runway. While the fashion critics may have remained loyal to him for the sp08 season, most women don't like to look like they have been shoved into a molded cake pan. I love Jennifer Connelley, and I think she would have looked stunning in some of the Fall/Winter 07 looks. And of course, this is my opinion, and I know others may have different opinions on the sp/sum08 collection, and I respect those opinions. :smile:
  14. great choice! she has a very elegant look to her
  15. I love Jennifer. She looks fabulous - love those legs!