Jennifer Connelly......Can you guys help me find this pic???

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  1. My husband loves Jennifer Connelly and so do I....but I remember a few months ago, she was either in Star Magazine or Us Weekly and it had a picture of her wearing a white tank top and white shorts....I think just hangin out around town, she wasn't at a red carpet event or anything....and she looked so thin it was scary. I remembered thinking and wondering if she was anorexic or something because she looked awful and usually, she looks beautiful. One more thing, I remembered her bangs because she had cut them so short, they were like mid forehead and it looked terrible on her. Can you guys help me find that pic so I can show it to him?????
  2. Yikes... I'll see if I can find anything!
  3. awww, thanks. you're so sweet. it just drives me crazy because i've been looking for that pic forever. i saw it in the magazine but i know they've gotta have it online somewhere.

  4. Could this be it?


    It's from Life and Style Weekly.
    Wow, you found it!!! You're awesome, Thank you so much!!!!! =)