Jennifer Anniston's Muse in US Weekly

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  1. Hello All! I'm new to this forum and already addicted! Can someone confirm for me that the Muse that Jennifer Aniston is carrying on p. 58 of this week's US Weekly is the XL not the large? The dimensions look to be the XL. I want to order a Large but if the one she has is actually the L not XL, then that would be too huge for me to get away with at 5'2"! Thanks so much.
  2. That muse that Jennifer Aniston has is indeed an XL. I have that exact same bag in the same color. At first I thought the XL would be too big for me too. I tried on both at the YSL boutique. I was dead set on getting the L size but in a weird twist of fate, my Saks SA sent me the wrong size; the XL instead. I tried it on again & fell in love w/ it!!!Plus I had a fellow Pf'er give me some reinforcement & her constructive opinion on how the bag looked on me. I just didn't carry big bags to begin with. I'm 5'3" & pretty slim, but if u like the L., it's a good size too. My SA winded up sending me both so I could compare the 2, & I winded up keeping the XL, his ooops in the end. I really love it!!!! It's personal preference of course, but doesn't that XL look awesome on Jenn too?:nuts::greengrin:
  3. Thank you so much! I chickened out and ordered the Large after deliberating like a madwoman over the L vs. XL. I called the YSL boutique in Manhattan and the SA could not have been any nicer or more helpful about checking the stock and taking my order. I'm so excited for it to arrive!
  4. I'm excited for you too! I hope you love it. Please post pics when it arrives...
  5. I can't tell what color that bag is: Chocolate or black ? Thanks.