Jennifer Anniston White Bag

  1. Does anyone know who makes the Bag Jennifer Anniston wore in "Rumor Has It"?:amuse:
  2. Hogan
  3. I have not seen the movie, but I believe I heard last year that she carried a Hogan Shopping bag in the movie. I have one in brown if you want pics.

    EDIT. Sorry, Hogan WEEKEND...I always get those two mixed up. Here is a pic. has one for around $900. I have purchased from them AND from the Hogan flagship store, and they are authentic.
    HOGAN Weekend white.jpg
  4. Hello All, :amuse:
    Thank you for your response. While Ms. Simpson definetly has a purse fettish none of her purses are the one. I am on a mission it was an awesome bag!!!! I'll keep you posted!!! Lol...:love: ...gotta have it...:idea: :idea: :idea:
  5. She also carried another white bag in "real life" by Hogan...and they have this one as well as a smaller sized version. I will attach a photo. This was called the "Lizzy" but also goes by "Horse." Hogan tends to have multiple names for its larger bags.