Jennifer Aniston's Top!!

  1. Does anyone here know what top Jennifer Aniston is wearing in these pictures? She is also wearing a black version of it on the new Entertainment Weekly cover with Vince Vaughn. I LOVE IT and I have to have it! I remember reading a couple of years ago that it was by Marc Jacobs???

    Can anyone confirm this or give me more info on her shirt? Is it still available to buy in stores or online? HELP someone!! :amazed:
    jennifer-aniston-vince-vaughn-ew01.jpg jennifer-aniston-vince-vaughn-ew06.jpg
  2. Aw, she looks very pretty here! Sorry, dont know the designer of the top.
  3. I LOVE that style too!!! I tried on a similar one at H&M today, but the sleeves were just too puffy. Gah! Gotta find that design!!!
  4. I want the top as well. I hope we can find out who the designer is. Its such a nice shirt.
  5. wow, she looks great in that pics..I love the whole outfit !!!
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]

    We should check the magazine for the brand.
  7. gosh! i didn't even think of that. do they usually say what they are wearing in the photos?? i haven't picked up a copy of EW for ages.
  8. I don't know about this particular magazine, but yes, most magazines(or all) give credits to the designers.
  9. she always looks so impeccable.

  10. I seem to recall that the shirt is made by Ralph Lauren.
  11. Jen looks so pretty in that outfit!
  12. I looked on the Polo website, but I didn't see a shirt that looked like that. Did she roll those sleeves up, or are they designed that way?
  13. It might no longer be available. The BV bag that she's carrying in the pic is from a previous season as well.
  14. Darn It!!
  15. She looks lovely! I really love the shorts.