Jennifer Aniston's sunglasses...

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  1. Are they Ray Bans? They look so good on her and I want them!! Anyone know what they are? Style #? TIA!!!
  2. Photo, please?
  3. [​IMG]

    ^ Photo courtesy of the CELEBTITY SECTION..thanx!!!
  4. Ysl??
  5. I'm thinking they are Ray Bans but not sure...
  6. #6 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
    nevermind- found it!
  7. Are they Ray Ban? I like em!
  8. Shoot Emmy ... She does look Hot in 'em!!! You need those! :tup:

  9. Pretty sure they are Oliver People's!
  10. Not sure but I think they look like like a style of Mosley Tribes sunglasses called "Hagen".
  11. Prada.
  12. ^ link? picture?
  13. abandonedimages,

    The Prada sunglasses were from last year - let me see if I can ID the model name.
  14. Can't find the model # for the Prada. I know they retailed at $310. I am sure they have something very similar this year.

    The Ray-Ban LARGE aviators (3025) will have nearly the same look/feel where they come down lower on the cheekbone, and at a lower price.
  15. ^^^Thankyou!!!