Jennifer Aniston's purse on cover of US

  1. Does anyone know what purse Jennifer Anniston is carrying on the cover of US magazine? She is wearing jeans w/ a short sleeve navy shirt and carrying a black blag. thanks for any help!
  2. Any picture?
  3. I know the bag you are talking about but I don't know what it is. It's gorgeous. She has had that for well over a year. It has like braided handles, right? I want to know what it is too!!
  4. I tried looking at US Mag's website to see if they have a pic of the current issue... and all that happened was I got sucked into signing up for some sweepstakes !! Hahahaha. Does anyone have a pic of the bag ??
  5. I know Jen likes Kooba. So maybe its Kooba?
  6. Now I'm really curious too! Sure it was that mag? Saw US weekly during lunch and Tori Spelling was on cover...???
    If the bag is the black one she uses during "The Break-up" I think someone said in another post that it was a Bottega Veneta :smile:
  7. Was it this bag? I'm curious as well.
  8. If it is that same bag, I give the PF'er a vast amount of credit who would actually know what that bag is. Even though it looks like it's very comfortable to wear, and is probably expensive, I don't know how you can tell from that angle what it exactly is. I love everything she chooses, though.
  9. I am pretty sure it is bottega veneta.
  10. Yes, its a Bottega Veneta. She's been seen with that one a lot. I belive its a doctor bag with perforated leather trim.
  11. Bottega Veneta or LV!:shrugs:
  12. I have seen that bag before and I do like it.
  13. It's a BV that's no longer being made. I saw one posted on eBay a few months ago and it went for a really high price.
  14. If it's the same bag she's been pictured with several times prior, it's a Bottega Veneta from a few seasons back.
  15. It looks really pretty...