jennifer aniston's purse in Rumor Has It???

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  1. Please does anyone know what size Hogan weekender bag JA carries in the Rumour Has It movie? Thanks
  2. has the white hogan that Jennifer Aniston had for $713
  3. That's amazing!
    That site is AMAZING!!! :biggrin:
    Thank you for posting it...
    Now I just have a little problem... I don't know whether to buy this Hogan bag or the Diorissimo hobo bag..
    Can't choose!!! :blink:
    What do you think? Which one is the best bag??
  4. Thanks for all the help, so that is the bag but it comes in different sizes - does Jennifer Aniston carry the largest size in the movie?
  5. Hello Everyone,
    I just saw the movie today and of course fell in love with her bag. I found this site searching for her purse. I have found it several places, but only in yellow and green. Any ideas were it might be found in white, Chocolate or black? I searched ebay and styledrop. THanks
  6. Great tote, I hope you find one :smile:
  7. ^^The bag on Neiman Marcus is a different Hogan bag. The shopper Jennifer Aniston had is from afew seasons ago and you can't get it anymore (except on Ebay). Someone told me this on tPF before because I was trying to find one last November. The one on NM is beautiful too though and quite similar to Jen's - congrats!!
  8. Matter of fact this one is soo cute too - I may buy one myself. What color did you buy black, white or brown??
  9. I did think it was the same bag. Thanks for letting me know that. I got it in brown. Today is the last day at NM to get it at that great price.